2022 LPL Summer Split: How to Master Lucian and Nami

2022 LPL Summer Split: How to Master Lucian and Nami

During the 2022 LPL Summer Split, JD Gaming’s Hope and Missing ruled the bot lane with Lucian and Nami. They made a name for themselves against Top Esports and made it all the way to the semifinals in both the playoffs and Worlds.

2022 LPL Summer Split: Know how to play against Engage Supports

Lucian and Nami need to plan ahead in the laning part when they’re up against tough opponents like Nautilus. If a hook, root, or stun reaches either one of them, they’ll end up losing the trade. Instead of being hostile, they focus on making moves to protect themselves.

When playing against other people, you should wait for their cooldowns to end before you move. Don’t use Flash or Relentless Pursuit unless you have to. This is especially true if the enemy already has their skills ready.

Do Something When the Time Is Right: If the engage support fails to control the crowd, Lucian and Nami should do something. It was good for JDG’s bot lane when Mark hooked a minion during their match against Top Esports because it let them focus their attacks on Mark.

2022 LPL Summer Split: Using mistakes as chances to learn

Top Esports’ mistakes were turned into big plays by JDG’s bot lane, showing how good they were. Mark missed a hook at a key moment, which let Hope and Missing get back at them.

Find Mistakes: Always keep an eye out for mistakes made by the enemy. When Mark missed the hook, the bot lane of JDG took the chance to attack back.

Max Damage: Missing and Hope didn’t give up even when they were pushed up against their tower. They kept attacking champions in range, and by using their skills well, they got a trade kill on JackeyLove’s Draven.

The Right Time Is Key

Flash is very important in bot lane fights. The two people in JDG’s team know how important Flash is and use it carefully to get ahead.

Being aware of enemy Flash cooldowns is important. When Flash is weak against Lucian or Nami, his enemies are likely to start a fight. When those times come up, use this information to play defense.

Making the most of Flash: In the Top Esports match, JackeyLove’s forced Flash gave Missing a chance to make an accurate Aqua Prison throw, which led to a trade kill and turned the tide in JDG’s favor.

To beat Lucian and Nami in the bot lane, you need to know your opponents very well and be able to use their mistakes against them. JD Gaming Hope and Missing have shown that you can beat SLOT GAMPANG MENANG. Lead your team to win if you make smart moves and time them perfectly.