Helping People Find Jobs in Hong Kong

Find jobs in Hong Kong. There’s a group called Christian Action in Hong Kong that helps people who had to leave their own countries. They have a special place called the Centre for Refugees. This place helps these people learn how to work in Hong Kong and find jobs. Sometimes, it’s hard for them to get work because they speak different languages and have different cultures.

Challenges for People in Hong Kong

Even though some of these people got permission to work in Hong Kong, it’s still tough for them to find jobs. But now, more and more companies want to hire them because of a lack of workers, especially in places like restaurants and hotels.

More Success Getting Jobs

Recently, a lot more of these people learned skills and got jobs. Before, only a few found work, but now, over a hundred have found jobs. The goal is to help them feel good about themselves and have a good life.

COVID-19 and Jobs

Because of the sickness called COVID-19, fewer people could work. So, now more companies want to hire these folks. The companies are happy to train them too.

Stories of People Who Found Jobs

There’s a story about a fisherman from Sri Lanka who now cooks at a fancy hotel because some helpers made a special list of skills he had. Another person, a monk from Bangladesh, became the best worker at a big hotel.

Teaching Useful Skills

The group also teaches these people different things like using computers, getting health check-ups, and learning skills like baking and making coffee. They can use these skills to get jobs in Hong Kong or even move to countries like the United States or Canada.

Making a Big Difference

They got help from Operation Santa Claus to do more good things. This will help even more people learn skills and get nice jobs. This makes a big difference in their lives and helps them feel good again.

The goal is to help these people find jobs, feel good about themselves, and make their lives better. Christian Action is doing great work in Hong Kong to make this happen.